The CBSE new pattern changes from awarding grades to marks. CBSE new pattern also has a few key features not to be ignored. SNBP also follows the same pattern of assessment.

Key features of the new CBSE assessment scheme<

Parameters of assessment

According to the new guidelines, the parameters of assessment will be as follows:

a. Scholastic performance: Both marks and grades will be awarded for individual subjects.

b. Co-scholastic performance: Grades will be awarded for non-scholastic performance in three categories-Work Education (or prevocational education), Art Education, and Health and Physical Education.

c. Discipline: Grades will be awarded to students after evaluating their commitment to discipline, which includes attendance, sincerity, behaviour and values.

Benefits of the proposed system

A uniform assessment system will help students whose parents have transferable jobs to migrate from one school to another easily.

Challenge for parents

Parents will have to ensure that their children go through this transition with minimum hassle.

Here are a few tips for parents to help them guide their children to adapt to the new CBSE exam system without much difficulty.

Attend orientation sessions, if your child's school conducts one. Or, interact with the staff and school management to understand the new scheme clearly and how the school plans to implement it.

Boost your child's morale by informing him/her about the positives of the proposed system. Tell him/her how it will prepare him/her to handle the rigorous academic workload of higher classes.

Monitor your child's performance actively throughout the year in all the three areas, i.e., scholastic, co-scholastic and discipline. Reach out to teachers to discuss his/her progress. Take necessary steps to help him/her improve.